I have a confession: we need a change of plan

Remember, back at the start of this Teenage Budget blog, our contract for the living allowance included a phone payment? We were supposed to take $40 per month, but we forgot and have let it slide all this time. We also continue to see Mr14 NOT budgeting, because he’ll, “get $50 again on Sunday”. A colleague of Matt’s, with grown-up kids, said he didn’t see budgeting kick in until he switched his kids to a 6-month lump sum. They only ran out of money once and are now pooling funds together to buy a house.

So, I can see what we need to do. On October 1st, we’ll give Mr 14 3-months’ worth of allowance and we’ll see how that goes. He still has his two flyer-delivery customers to top up his funds. And, we’ll take the phone money out, in advance, as a deduction.



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